"To see people come alive to their full purpose and incredible potential in life."

"To input into the lives of leaders through practical teaching materials, books, resources, speaking engagements, advice and support.

 "To inspire and help leaders establish a purpose beyond themselves that motivates and stretches them."


Another of Peter’s passions is to see business leaders embrace a purpose for their endeavours beyond themselves and their immediate needs by partnering with an appropriate charity.

He also has a passion to see ministry and charitable organisations understand the benefits and responsibilities of partnering with appropriate businesses.


Why sponsor a charity?

  • Customers or clients and staff appreciate their company supporting a cause outside themselves.
  • Experience proves that staff will get behind a company’s commitment by raising funds and providing word of mouth support.
  • Employees share with friends and relatives about the great company they work for.
  • People are less critical of a company who gives to the community.
  • It builds loyalty, customers will support businesses that support people.
  • It creates positive media coverage.
  • You feel great that you are able to help people.
  • Your family get excited by what your company, or you as an individual, are doing.
  • It builds overall trust and long term credit for the company image.
  • It enables companies to position themselves in helping to provide solutions rather than contributing to problems in the world.