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Peter Irvine - Co Founder Gloria Jeans Coffees, advisor and speaker at Achievers Group

People often go into business to build a better, more relaxed lifestyle - then find that the business is all-consuming, they're time-poor and their family relationships suffer. So how to achieve a successful balance? Veteran businessman Peter Irvine, co-founder of Gloria Jean's Coffees, says it won't happen by itself, you have to work at it. Don't let a diet of bad news get you down - look for positive things and positive people to restore your balance. If you take your work problems home, and your home problems to work, you'll be on a downward spiral. If husband and wife work together, they must make time to put the business aside and enjoy good times together. And if children are contemplating entering the business, make sure they work somewhere else first.

How Smart Retailers Are Winning Customers

Peter Irvine, Co-Founder Gloria Jean's Coffees

Peter Irvine, as co-founder of Gloria Jean's Coffees, helped turn a struggling business into an international success story. He's passionate about retailing, with an acute eye for what works and what doesn't, and full of admiration for retailers - large and small - who think outside the square to attract and hold customers. For Peter, it's all about top-class service as well as finding new and imaginative ways to meet the customer's changing needs. Put yourself in the customer's shoes, as he does when he's out shopping, and you'll quickly see whether you're on the right track. Lead by example and good staff will follow you.

Peter Irvine interview - Win In Business

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Peter Irvine interview (36 min)