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Peter is passionate about seeing business people rise to their full potential and gives out a wealth of ideas to implement, balanced with down to earth wisdom. Peter has a positive and practical keynote speaking style and he speaks from experience using real life examples.



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  • Visionary Keynote Speaker – Peter shares the ‘20 Keys to catapault you towards your vision’- the keys  Peter has learnt and put into practice over many years.
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker – ‘A Winners Mindset’ - Peter shows the passion and positive attitude that inspire others to achieve their own dreams.
  • Corporate Keynote Speaker – Peter shares from his experience working with a wide range of businesses in ‘Building a Company, Building a Brand, Building a Life'.
  • Customer Service Keynote Speaker – The ‘Ten keys that really affect customer service’ - entertaining and practical as Peter shares from real life experience.
  • Franchising Keynote Speaker – Peter is a wholehearted advocate for franchising and has a wealth of experience with Gloria Jean’s Coffees, McDonalds Family Restaurants and other franchise chains.
  • Business Challenges Keynote Speaker – The topic ‘Disaster Recovery’ is one of Peter’s most well received talks as he shares the lessons learned from issues such as fire, media attacks, staff problems, and cash flow, just to name a few.
  • Business Planning Keynote Speaker (can be done as a workshop)– Peter’s simple steps to developing an actionable plan that will make achieving your goals much easier.
  • Marketing Keynote Speaker (can be done as a workshop)– The simple, direct approach Peter takes to marketing is based on years of experience in the advertising industry, at the cold face of retail and working with a wide variety of other businesses.
  • Teamwork Keynote Speaker - choosing and developing the right people for your business. Giving them a vision to aspire towards and allowing them to grow your business.

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